BBC Let it Shine


Motion Design
LED Wall
LED Floor
Ribbon Banner
Projection Floor

Director: Tom Bairstow

Production Co-ordinator: Harriet De Max

Motion Designer: Simas Gineika

Motion Designer: Nicolas Da Fonseca

Motion Designer: Josh Earle

Motion Designer: Nicholas Horsford

Motion Designer: Harri Smith

Motion Designer: Tom Readdy

Motion Designer: Paul Gardner

Illustrator: Pete Moran


Show Producer: Iain Peckham

Live Producer: Pete Nichols

We produced all visuals for the first series of Let it Shine, aired on BBC 1 early 2017. An amazing panoramic set design by Misty Buckley inspired a huge variation of visuals from scenic and textural to linear and graphical. We developed the star branding, generic show states and all performance visuals – including guest performances.

Footage courtesy of the BBC

Audio: Wise Guys – Ooh Lah Lah