Coldplay American Idol Roundhouse


Production Design

Motion Design

Creative Director: Tom Bairstow
Motion Designer: George Thomson
Motion Designer: Florian Le Coq
Motion Designer: Lydia Caplan
Motion Designer: Sean Bone
Artist: Coldplay
Director: Paul Dugdale
Producer: Simon Fisher
Creative: Phil Harvey & Misty Buckley
DOP: James Rhodes
Cut: Tom Watson
Colour: Steve Atkins
Video: Northhouse & Creative Technology
Lighting Design: Sooner Routhier with Chromatic Productions
Cam Sup: Rob Mansfield
AD: Emma Ramsay
FM: Sara Marshall
Production: Mille Wrench, @BeanBackstage
Flying: Ascension Films
Kit: Video Europe
MGMT: Arlene Moonie, Dave Holmes Management , Mandi Frost
Artists and Creatives: Richard Olivieri, Holly Molcher, Charlotte MacMillan, Lynden Mallinson
Styling: Beth Fenton
TM: @maclady007
Grooming: Tiffany Henry

It is always such a pleasure exploring cosmic concepts with the Coldplay fam! This was an absolute blast. So many talented folks involved and this is just the start of many more….⁠

This time we designed the projection for their American Idol performance of the new track Higher Power at the Roundhouse.

Making use of the incredible cylindrical architecture we combined artwork elements with beautiful cosmic textures and flowing animation that responded to the musicality of the track. 

We worked closely with the lighting team, to co-ordinate moments where the incredible lighting design took priority and vice versa.