Motion Design

Video Design

Video Direction

Projection Mapping

Creative Director: Tom Bairstow
Motion Designer: Sean Bone
Motion Designer: Florian Lecoq

Produced, Directed and Designed by Black Skull Creative
Leading Agency for EE: Cake
BAFTA TV Production: Whizz Kid Entertainment
Camera Director: Liz Clare
Lighting Director: Al Gurdon
Production Manager: Maggie Mouzakiti
Liam Management: Kin Partners
Tour Management & Audio: 24/7 Productions

Shout out to the amazing teams behind the avatar and ‘The Round’ app where Liam’s avatar could be seen in augmented reality:

The Round Live
Figment Productions
Target 3D

And thanks to the amazing teams at:

Creative Technology
Blackout Ltd
Focus Rigging & Scaffolding

An exploration into a cosmic particle world where Liam and his avatar perform side by side to open the BAFTA Film Awards 2021.

It’s always a pleasure to work closely with the Black Skull Creative team, along with many other fantastic creatives and tech wizards! The contemporary design featured an interactive particle world in which singer Liam Payne could perform his track ‘Midnight’ alongside an avatar of himself.

We envisaged a design that was responsive to the music and choreography and took the viewer on a journey through the cosmos, transitioning seamlessly between the design and the BAFTA’s shortlisted film clips.

The performance was broadcast to over 2 million people and streamed in augmented reality on EE’s ‘The Round’ app. The audience was surprised to see Liam Payne reappear from a cloud of particles as an avatar, and those using ‘The Round’ were able to experience Liam flying through the cosmos in their living room.