Video Design

Video Direction


Motion Design

Shoot Production


Creative Director: Tom Bairstow
Creative Producer: Harrison Smith
Production Coordinator: Laura Pereda
Motion Designer: George Thomson
Motion Designer: Sean Bone
Motion Designer: Simas Gineika
Motion Designer: Florian Lecoq
Motion Designer: Hasan Nasir
Motion Designer: Paul Gardner
Shoot 1stAD: Emile Frederick
Show Creative Direction: Black Skull Creative
Lighting Designer: Peter Barnes
D3 Programer: Tom Levitt
Production Company: Production North
We are so proud of this show on every level and had a lot of fun creating!
Working with the amazing creative force Black Skull – we developed designs for the video content centred around female empowerment, which gave us a really solid narrative and concept to thread the visuals together throughout the show.
We wanted to create a really filmic look, combining pre-filmed footage from various studio and location shoots with rendered visuals and a few live camera effects using texture layers and frames.
Thanks to all involved from the NorthHouse extended team on all shoots, in the studio, in rehearsals etc.