Rugby World Cup 2015 – Opening Ceremony Visuals




Motion Design

Shoot Production

LED Rising Structures

Ribbon Screens

Stadium IMAG


Director / Motion Designer: Tom Bairstow

Asst. Producer: Luke Moseley

Motion Designer: Wael Chams

Motion Designer: Simas Gineika

Production Company: Donaldson Creative

Creative Director: Kim Gavin

Set Designer: Misty Buckley

Shoot Production:

Producer / Director: Tom Bairstow

1st AD: Luke Moseley

DoP: Don McVey

Cam Assist: Matthew Dove

Prod. Assist: George Bairstow

NorthHouse had the pleasure of producing the visuals for this explosive Opening Ceremony.

20 LED screens stood tall along the width of Twickenham Stadium which rose out of rocks scattered around the pitch.

We filmed players and gave the illusion of the players breaking through rocks in the screens.

We created explosive nation reveals, logos, branding, name-titles, countdowns etc.

We also created visuals for the ‘Ribbon’ screens that wrap around the perimeter.


Broadcast Footage Rights: ITV

Music: Steve Sidwell