Shawn Mendes – Summer Festival Visuals 2018

Motion Design
Shoot Production
Manager: Andrew Gertler
Creative Director: Paul Caslin
Produced by: 24/7 Productions
Lighting Design / Video Playback: Louis Oliver & Ryan Nixon
Visuals Director / Producer: Tom Bairstow
Creative Producer: Harrison Smith
Motion Designer: Josh Earle
Motion Designer: Simas Gineika
Motion Designer: Mark Phillips
Motion Designer: George Thomson
Cinematographer: Don McVey
Model / Dancer: Jerry-Jane Pears
Actor: Kay Katikaridis
Model / Actor: Nicole Lim
NorthHouse rep: Rooftop Management
NorthHouse Designed and Produced the visuals for Shawn Mendes’ Summer Festival Shows.
Textural looks combined with shot footage to give an organic aesthetic that could be adapted to a variety of stage layouts throughout his festival run.
This reel shows final pieces, visualisations and a few bits of R&D that got lost along the way.
Thanks to Global / Capital, Festival D’été and Wango Tango for their footage.