Take That Tour Visuals




Motion Design

Shoot Production

LED Wall

Director: Tom Bairstow

Asst. Producer: Luke Moseley

Motion Designer: Wael Chams

Motion Designer: Nicolas Da Fonseca

Motion Designer: Pete Moran

Motion Designer: Darragh Mason

Motion Designer: Lydia Cunnigham

Motion Designer: Dolph Souza


Tour Production: TPO

Creative Director: Kim Gavin

Designer: Misty Buckley

Art Director: Dan Shipton


Shoot Production:

Producer / Director: Tom Bairstow

1st AD: Luke Moseley

2nd AD: Andy Harvey

DoP: Don McVey

Cam Asst: Kieron Jansch

Prod Asst: Fred Donaghue

NorthHouse Produced the visuals for Take That’s Live Tour 2015.

The show has many narratives running throughout, we wanted to compliment this with a concept that wraps everything together and immerses the audience in a completely surreal world for the duration. So, we built a Metropolis inspired floating city that sits high above the clouds, powered by a mechanical heart within a labyrinth of pipes that sit beneath the city’s skewed buildings. Throughout the 130min show, we visit different areas of the city, taking a tour through a whole variation of scenes, looks and styles, incorporating a range of techniques from big 3D builds to intricate illustrative graphics, character animation to punchy motion graphics and pre-filmed footage.

Photo Credits: Andrew Whitton Music: Take That – I like it