ELĒKRŎN – The Most Electrifying Stunt Show In The World

Deliverables Concept Direction Motion Design Notch Deisgn Disguise Sequencing
Visuals Director / Producer: Tom Bairstow Creative Producer: Harrison Smith Motion Designer: Josh Earle Motion Designer: Simas Gineika Motion Designer: Mark Phillips Motion Designer: George Thomson Disguise Programmer: Andy Coates Lighting Design: Woodroffe Bassett Show Produced by Stufish Show Director: Abigal Yeates Show Producer: Chris Hynes
NorthHouse were approached by Stufish to Design and Produce Video Content for this crazy stunt show based in Studio City Casino, Macau.
We designed Projection content for the 25m wide wall that also doubled up as a motorbike and quad ramp.
The show narrative follows a tribe on a journey through electrified post-apocalyptic lands. We brought the story to life with scenic 3D matte painted landscapes and elemental forces.
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