Projection Mapping
Video Design & Direction
Screen Visuals
Broadcast Graphics

Tom Bairstow – Creative Director & Founder
Alice Ryland – Producer
Emile Frederick – Lead Video Designer
Lydia Caplan – Lead Motion Designer
Florian Lecoq – Lead Technical Artist
Sean Bone – Motion Designer
Daniel Richards – Motion Designer
Liam Gilheany – Motion Designer
Dana Couling – Motion Designer
Dan Wise – Motion Designer
Duncan Tune – Motion Designer
Jamie Marshall – Motion Designer
Arthur Broome – Motion Designer
Luca Brenna – Motion Designer


We were incredibly honoured to create the projection and screen visuals for the historic Platinum Party at the Palace, in celebration of Her Majesty’s The Queens Platinum Jubilee. At the peak, 13.4m viewers saw the spectacle at the Palace and Prince William himself said how delighted he was to see Buckingham Palace turned into a giant IMAX screen.

We were commissioned by BBC Studios producers Mark Sidaway and Claire Popplewell in January 2022. Since then, we have been planning, designing and creating visuals for the entire 2h30 show as well as the BBC broadcast graphics across all Platinum Jubilee events over the weekend.

We really wanted to create an incredibly special and memorable show and completely transform Buckingham Palace with Visual FX into something that has never been seen before. Of course, the big ideas came with immense technical challenges but as a team we’re used to large scale projection mapping (most recently, the Dubai EXPO, Coldplay’s World Tour) and have built our own software to visualise the show before we arrived at the palace. Our software enabled us to see our visuals on the Palace from multiple perspectives as well as looking at how different times of night and weather conditions affected the clarity. Once we got there, it was almost a case of pressing go.

An enormous highlight for ourselves and we are sure all of the millions of viewers was the ‘Our Green Future’ section. We worked closely with BBC Series Producer Cheryl Ko Pearson to draw attention to the natural world and our human impact. Sir David Attenborough opens the section (we’d filmed him on a beautiful day in Richmond Park just a few weeks prior) before we take a journey through incredible footage showing all corners of the Earth projected onto the palace as the Royal Ballet perform below. We then virtually break down the walls of the palace with Visual FX to reveal a beautiful tropical garden, inspired by the incredible Victorian Glasshouses at Kew Gardens. We see and hear a few incredibly poignant lines from Her Majesty the Queen before Prince William delivers his fantastic speech. To finish, Hans Zimmer and Celeste take the stage to perform “What a Wonderful World’ in front of our fantastical Visual FX landscapes on the palace. It was truly breathtaking to see this section come together and feeling the audience response on the night was incredibly moving.

There were so many other memorable moments. It truly was a show where we could let our imaginations go wild! We poured liquid platinum over the Palace with Alicia keys, we collaborated with Sky Magic on a drone-and-projection-show for Sigala and Ella Eyre, we swung disco balls around the Palace for Diana Ross, we dug into an incredible amount of archive footage for the Prince of Wales’ speech and for Duran Duran we peeled back 70 layers of wallpaper from the Palace inspired by Her Majesty’s amazing styling over the years.